- Robert and Amelia Lux

Robert Lux Amelia Borgmann Married: 27 Jan 1885, Sauk Centre, Minnesota


Robert Lux      \    | Ferdinand Theodore     b. 15 Jun 1886 / d.  8 Aug 1962
      &          }---| Alex                   b. 31 Jan 1888 / d. 12 Oct 1950
Amelia Borgmann /    | Everett Robert         b. 31 Aug 1893 / d. 17 Aug 1970

Peter Gaspard   \    | Beatrice               b.  3 Jan 1909 / d. 
      &          }---| Melvin                 b. 13 Feb 1910 / d.    Jan 1991
Amelia Borgmann /    |

From the Wadena County Pioneer
Friday, August 14, 1896
Obituary - Robert Lux, 1896

From the Wadena Journal
August 21, 1896
Obituary - Robert Lux, 1896
(provided by Rick and Holly Johnson)

Very little is known about Robert Lux beyond the obituaries published in the Wadena newspapers in August, 1896. He is buried in the Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Wadena, Minnesota.

Federal Census records from the 1800s (1857, 1870 and 1880) indicate that he was born in Ohio, and that he lived in the Jordan, Minnesota, area while growing up. The family record from the Church of St. John the Baptist in Jordan says he was born in Cleveland on 6 May 1854. He is also listed as a witness to the marriage of his sister Anna to Nicholas Knapp in April of 1876.

Robert married Amelia Borgmann of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, on Janaury 27, 1885. They had three children, all boys: Ferdinand (Fred T.), Alex and Everett. From the information in the obituaries, we know that the family lived for a time in Staples, Minnesota, but moved to Wadena shortly before Robert's death.

In September of 1907, Amelia married Peter Gaspard of Sauk Centre, Minnesota. They had two children: Beatrice and Melvin.

Beatrice married John (Jack) Richardson and they lived in St. Cloud. Melvin lived in Long Prairie, Minnesota, but is buried alongside his parents.

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Amelia Borgmann Lux Gaspard
Amelia Borgmann Lux Gaspard
about 1920
Robert Lux. Died Aug 8 1896
Stone reads:

AUG 8 1896

Calvary Cemetery, Wadena, MN

Gaspard, Amelia and Peter
Stone reads:



Greenhaven Cemetery, Sauk Centre, MN

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