- Florian Lux

Florian Lux Florian Lux Theresia Elke (or Aulké) - (Wife #1) Married: Feb 1850, Germany

Johanna Knapp John - (Wife #2)

Married: 26 July 1881, Jordan, MN


                     | Theresia             B. 25 NOV 1850      D. 17 JUN 1906
                     | August               B. 24 DEC 1852      D. 10 OCT 1910, Duluth, MN
                     | Robert               B.  6 MAY 1854      D.  8 AUG 1896, Wadena, MN
Florian Lux     \    | Anna Louise          B. 25 OCT 1857      D. 
      &          }---| Joseph               B. 13 JUN 1862      D. 
Terese Aulké    /    | Sophia               B. 22 FEB 1866      D. 
                     | Ferdinand            B. 18 JAN 1869      D. 05 MAR 1913, Sabula, IA (?)

Belle Plaine Twp. 1880. Map size = 253K
Florian Lux owned 238 acres according to this map of Belle Plaine Township, Scott County, Minnesota, 1880. It is the blackened area on the right.
Florian and Theresia (may be Terese or Trease) Lux were apparently from the province of Silesia, Prussia, now located in the southern part of Poland. They married in February of 1850, left Germany in about 1852 and arrived in Scott County, Minnesota, in about 1854. Based on the birthdate of Robert, it is presumed they were making their way across the U.S. when he was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

They were some of the earliest white settlers of that region, and made their living by farming. The Scott County platte map of 1880 shows they owned 238 acres in Belle Plaine Township. They had seven children, four born in Scott County.

1857 Federal Census
Name Age Place born Other info
Florian Lux 31 Germany Farmer
Threase Lux 31 Germany  
Augustus Lux 5 Germany  
Robert Lux 3 Ohio  
Louise Lux 2 mos. Scott Cty., MN  
Threase Lux 7 Germany  

Theresia - Born and baptized on 25 November 1850 in Bresnitz, according the the record of St. John the Baptist Church. She is also listed on the 1857 census. Married to Nicholas Peters on 22 June 1869, whose family owned an adjacent farm to the east in Helena Township. They remained in the St. Benedict area and had twelve childrenNicholas Peters died on 1 November 1904; Theresia Peters died 17 June 1906. Both are buried in St. Benedict's Cemetery in Helena Township, a few miles south of Jordan.

August - August's bio on a separate page.

Robert - Robert's bio on a separate page.

Anna - The child listed as "Louise" on the 1857 census is listed as "Anna" on the church records (possibly Anna Louise?). She was the first of the Lux children born in Minnesota. Anna Lux married Nicholas Knapp in April 1876 (date is smudged on the record). Robert Lux and Augusta Schindler were the witnesses.

Joseph - Born 13 June 1862 and baptized 27 July 1862. He was confirmed on 15 October 1876 (age 16). On 2 June 1886 he married Rose or Rosina ("Rosinae" on the church records) Braendel.

Sophia - Born 22 February 1866, baptized 11 March 1866. Married Michael Hoffmann on 16 December 1889. A brief note on the wedding in the Jordan Independent newspaper says "they make their home in Yellow Medicine County."

Ferdinand - Born 18 January 1869, baptized 31 January 1869. Married Cath Trappen on 27 May 1891. He is mentioned in Robert's obituary (August 1896) as living in Wadena, Minnesota. There is a Ferdinand J. Lux who died 5 March 1913, buried in Sabula, Iowa, though it is unknown if it is the same person.

Theresia died in the 1878 at age 54.

Florian married Johanna (Knapp) John in 1881. Her first husband was Richard John, and they lived in the district of Frankenstein, province of Silesia, Prussia.

There is a Johanna Knapp listed as "niece" on the 1880 census, but she is only 20 years old. 21-year-old Johanna Knapp died on 26 Sept. 1881. The Johanna Knapp who married Florian Lux in July of 1881 would have been about 39. Florian and Johanna did not have any children.

1880 Federal Census
Name Age Place born Other info
Lux, Florian 53 Prussia widowed, farmer
Lux, Robert 25 Ohio son, unmarried
Lux, Joseph 18 Scott Cty, MN son
Lux, Sophia 14 Scott Cty, MN daughter
Lux, Ferdinand 11 Scott Cty, MN son
Knapp, Johanna 20 Prussia niece, housekeeper

Lux family plot, Calvary Cemetery

Obituary for Florian Lux, from the Jordan Independant, Jordan, MN, May 21, 1903 (Pg 8, Col 2):

Florian Lux, one of the oldest settlers of this region-coming here in the 50's, died at his home in Jordan, Monday, aged nearly seventy eight. He had been sick with a chronic kidney disease for some time. Three sons and two daughters survive him. The funeral occured from St. John's Catholic church, yesterday morning, and the interment in the Catholic cemetary.

Obituary for Johanna Lux, from the Jordan Independant, Jordan, MN Jan 21, 1926. Page 1, C5:

Mrs. Johanna Lux Dead
Jordan resident 46 years.
She had recently reached age of 83. Few relatives living.
One of Jordan's oldest people passed to her eternal reward on the 19th inst., when the spirit of Mrs. Johanna Lux quietly departed its earthly cerement of clay. She had been ill for three months, cared for at the home of her brother-in-law and niece, Jos. Rauer and his daughter Anna, who are the nearest relatives, as Mrs. Lux's husband died many years ago. She had no children and even all of her husband's children by a previous marriage are dead. Outside of Miss Rauer, the nearest kin to deceased are fourth cousins. Mrs. Lux attained the ripe old age of 83 years on New Years Day, for she was born Johanna Knapp in Germany on Jan 1, 1842. She came to America after being a woman grown and lived in Jordan 46 years. It was here her marriage occurred in 1880, shortly after coming from Germany. Her funeral is being held this morning from the Catholic church in Jordan.

Florian and both of his wives are buried in St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery in Jordan, Minnesota. There is a headstone only for Florian.

Robert preceeded his father and siblings in death. From the information in the two obituaries above, the remaining progeny of Florian and Theresia died between 1903 and 1926.

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